During California's drought, we became much more aware of climate change the need to conserve water. Matter collaborated with MindTribe, a Product Development Engineering company, to create a home faucet system that helps people track how much water they use each day.

What we did

Well operates through a system of sensors that connect to a home's water supply. Each sensor is powered by a mini turbine that generates enough electricity to power its computer and Wi-Fi. The sensor beams water consumption data to a backend server, which sends the information to an app on your phone and an LED interface on the Well system's showerhead. The Well system uses neighborhood data, the number of residents and bathrooms in your home, and the estimated amount of water someone should consume during a shower to set a daily water usage goal. The app displays water consumption levels throughout the day as you move from "full" to "draining," with colors moving from serene blue to desert hues as you consume more water. The showerhead communicates this usage through LED lights that change color and allows users to switch to an eco-mode to restrict water flow. The showerhead delivers an immediate visual impact capable of shifting behavior in the moment.