Always-on electricity can result in "power leaks" that are expensive for businesses and detrimental to the environment. Verdigris works with companies to help them understand the fine detail of their energy consumption and identify ways to reduce waste. Using a system of small, easily installed sensors, Verdigris measures circuits' amperage and voltage to inform building managers exactly how the consumer power in real-time and quickly identify waste and inefficiency. The data is also sent to the cloud and aggregated into weekly and monthly reports that managers can access online through a user-friendly dashboard.

What we did

Our product design team partnered with Verdigris and Mindtribe Product Development to design an easy-to-install, first-of-its-kind power management system for building managers. We defined a visual brand language for the hardware, helped improve the sensors' installation process, and defined a glanceable on-product user interface. We enhanced the installation process by reducing the number of essential steps and carefully redesigning how to organize the necessary electrical cables. This allows an electrician to install Verdigris onto building mains, distribution panels, and branch circuits in under two hours. We designed the hardware's visual language to reflect its environment, using a series of gray and slate tones to match the metallic tones found on conduit and within concrete. Verdigris helps some of the world's most high-profile hotel chains and in blue-chip companies' buildings manage their energy consumption, who report savings of up to 50% in energy bills.