Action cameras are great until it comes time to sift through hours of footage to find the best moments. Graava created a system to do just that—automatically. The Graava action camera uses motion, audio, accelerometer, and GPS sensors plus voice cues to detect your footage's highlights. Choose how long you want your highlight reel to be, and Graava's app edits the scenes that fit to match the beat of a song you select. Then you can share the final video everywhere.

What we did

We designed an iconic form factor of the Graava device, along with various methods of attaching Graava to anything you wear or carry. We also created the digital interface for the camera, including the video editor, app, and website. Proclaimed as the GoPro killer, this self-editing camera picked up a fantastic amount of media attention and was heavily backed on Indiegogo. Ultimately, the company could not secure the funding required to take the hardware to production, and the project refunded all pre-sales to customers.