Cujo delivers home security with a dose of personality with a revolutionary digital product that protects all your home IoT devices against hacks, malware, and viruses—and looks good doing it.

What we did

Our goal was to create a home security product that people would put on display. Cujo would blend into a home's decor but get attention when it detects a threat.​ Cujo embodies a visual brand language and intuitive user interface that is not only cute but easy to understand. Most importantly, it makes a daunting subject like Internet security feel much less intimidating for consumers.​ We also designed a mobile app that, combined with the hardware, forms a system for monitoring home technology that alerts users to any potential security breach.​ The visually iconic approach to product design was a critical component to the company's successful launch on Indiegogo in 2016, where Cujo surpassed its funding target by almost 800%. Since then, Cujo has been lauded in publications like Wired, TechCrunch, and Immortal News and was a Finalist for Fastco's 2016 Innovation by Design Award.​ This year, Cujo's AI-based Digital Life Protection service platform surpassed 1 billion monitored devices globally.