Carnival Cruises Ocean Medallion Experience

As cruise ships have grown larger, it has become increasingly challenging to deliver high-touch, guest-centric experiences. The Medallion™ Experience reinvents the cruise industry through an experience-driven and technology-enabled platform that personalizes the cruising experience. The Medallion Class provides personalized and customized experiences at scale.

What we did

The Medallion Experience centers around a revolutionary IoT device that is the size of a coin. The Medallion recognizes and interprets an individual's personal preferences in real-time. By matching the passenger and social group to their location on the ship and the time of day, Medallion guides cruisers to unparalleled personalized experiences that set a new standard in the travel and hospitality industry. Ocean Medallion™-enabled ships have disrupted the cruise industry and identified a new path forward for the entire travel and hospitality sector.